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About Us

I had to come up with a new name for my racing dinghy.

It's a windmill class sail boat and I bought it on a whim.  I already owned a 26' Tanzer floating on Lake Winnipesaukee in NH and thought I already knew all about sailing.  An avid iceboater, I traveled to where the good ice was forming or could already be found.  One year, Lake Massabesic in Manchester had all the good ice.  It was there that I ran into other avid sailors who convinced me to join their yacht club on that lake (Massabesic Yacht Club).

I did join, and it was there I purchased the Windmill.  I then headed out to race.  It was there and then I found out that my sailing skills were poor to adequate at best.  Sure I could sail, if you could call what I was doing sailing.  I could make the boat go, but I couldn't keep up with the other racers.  They knew something I didn't.

As I spend the next few years learning what I thought I already knew, it dawned on me that the boat needed a new name.  We (Paul - my racing crew member) and I, changed the boat's name from 'Pastime' to 'Slightly Crewed'.  To match and precisely convey who was in that boat

Along with that boat, the larger sailboat, iceboats, and other antics, we hope to chronicle most of the adventures here.  So follow long as we try to spend more time dry than wet.

Just because I don't know what I'm doing, doesn't mean I won't try anyways.

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