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It was time to put everything away for the winter.  Didn't have time to do much riding this year, which is a shame.  Oh we did some nice rides, but never and all day rides that took us to other states.  Need to plan better for next year.

Since winter is coming soon it was time to grab everything off the patio and put that away, get the summer car up north and store that away also.

First thing that needed to be done was re-arrange the motorcycles.  This way the car would fit.  All the bikes got their dose of seafoam (gas stabilizer) and hooked them up to battery tenders for the winter.

Brought in the grill and the gas fire pit.  Put the furniture up above the garage and put my mountain bike up there also just to get it out of the way.

After putting the car in, all the vehicles got covered.

Then it was time for their favorite bedtime story.  The car protested a little - it was German.

Until next spring.

Time to get ready for the winter sports and adventures!


Decided it was time to fancy up my garage by the lake.  Thankfully my friend Paul was there to assist as it was a ton of work.  All I wanted to do was epoxy the floor.  You know, that nice colored cement floors with the sprinkled flecks?  Yeah that.  Well after moving everything out of the garage and tarping it up (of course it had to rain that weekend), the floor needed to be washed.

After washing the floor, it needed to be etched so the paint would stick.  The fumes were strong but we persevered and are still alive to tell the tales.  After letting the floor dry, we were able to mix the paint and epoxy, wait 30 minutes and then paint the edges and then the floor.  Wait 48 hours and then move it all back in.

The outcome was well worth it!