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Motored out to get the old girl.  Waited late into the season before taking it out.  Didn't get as much sailing as I would have liked this year - but was very busy doing other projects and outdoor activities, so it wasn't a total loss.

Eventually had to go out and get the mooring ball.  The club has a boat dubbed the "oil rig" for doing that.  Dirty, slow, but extremely functional.

Need to find a sprayer to clean the bottom of that mooring ball off.

Final Parting Shot:



Spent most of the afternoon bobbing around like bath toys.  Sadly just enough wind to make you hopeful.  So only two races.  Second place on both races.  Had to go find the wind and stay away from the crowds and that really fed into our advantage.

Loosened the jib rigging to billow the jib as much as possible to catch the wind and sat leeward most of the time to help the sails fill.

Good day and happy with the results.


Signed up to head out as crew this Sunday for some club racing. I was originally going to race my Flying Scot, but another member wanted crew on their Scot so I figured why not!

If it all fell through I would just go back to my plan on sailing my boat.

Sailing with someone else at the helm is always an adventure. How much are they going to lean on your expertise... their style... if they even know how to race...

I find that going from captain to crew is a delicate balance of listening and suggestions. Since I'll be running the jib, I don't mind telling the helmsman to head off or go up for a lifter. Beyond that I try and not question the strategy too much.

Either way, looking forward to hitting the water

Every year at the club we have the Master's Race - aka over 50 at the helm crowd.  We had a great turnout this year.  Since I don't find myself in that grouping yet, I usually volunteer for race committee.   I'll help set the course, run the flags, whatever is needed, but I mostly enjoy taking photos.

It's not very often you get a picture of your boat while you're sailing it.  Here's a few that I took over the weekend.  Enjoy!

and a whole lot more here if you wish to keep looking: