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Every year at the club we have the Master's Race - aka over 50 at the helm crowd.  We had a great turnout this year.  Since I don't find myself in that grouping yet, I usually volunteer for race committee.   I'll help set the course, run the flags, whatever is needed, but I mostly enjoy taking photos.

It's not very often you get a picture of your boat while you're sailing it.  Here's a few that I took over the weekend.  Enjoy!

and a whole lot more here if you wish to keep looking:

This weekend's adventure of heading far up north and camping/exploring changed at the last minute due to oncoming heavy rain, thunder storms, and potential hail!!

I'm not a completely fair weather person, but I'm also not going to go out of my way to be miserable all weekend cooped up in a small tent partially soaked all weekend either.

With the current expedition out, we (my friend Paul an I) altered plans and hit the northern outpost aka my lake house and waited to see what the weather brought.

Saturday there was a quick break in the weather - enough for a good 2,000 ft elevation hike.  Mount Major isn't too far away and while I just recently did that, I was open to go again.  It's a good 1 hour up and an hour down hike.  Long enough to enjoy and varied terrain to make it challenging for what little time we had.

Mount Major it was then.

Due to the weather, the parking lot was near empty.  A few other brave souls at the entrance was a good sign that we timed it correctly.

It started off as normal as possible with a few rain drops on us.  I wore a visor to keep the wet out of my eyes and off my glasses.  About half we up we were greeted by the clouds

We went up the steeper and more direct blue trail to the top.  Met some folks coming down while we were on the way up.  They mentioned to be careful of the rocks - wet and slippery.  I jokingly chimed back at them that the view must be amazing and we can't wait to see it up there.  The guy just paused unsure if I was joking or not and mentioned that you might get a glimpse as long as you don't blink and miss it.

Near the top we caught our first glimpse of the view

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Boating, swimming, Hiking and a little motorcycle riding in to round off the weekend!!

We started the morning early.  I mean, real early.  We had the crazy idea of getting up with the sun and going out on the water.

Despite going to bed late and not setting an alarm, my open window echoed the sounds of chirping birds at the not-yet-light hour of 4:45.  I rolled over, shook the wife (in a not so sweet manner due to the disbelief that I was actually up) and said it's time to get going.

We did

The water was glass and the jet boat (Seadoo Utopia 205) was able to unleash all 240 hp that it had available to it.  I've never had it going that fast on the lake before.

In no time we made our way to Center Harbor

Everything was still quiet.  Probably not 6:00 am as of this photo.  We spun around and scouted out a route to a friends new house who was across the lake, but on the water.  On the way over we scouted out these two loons enjoying the quiet morning before all the tourists made their way to the rental boats.

I have nothing against tourists - I just wish more of them knew how to drive a boat.

Speaking of those that don't know how to drive a boat....

I'm trying to teach her, Cat has it down pretty good in the open but gets nervous in the tighter areas.  All in her head, but it gets easier with experience.




Not to be done with the day, and only being 9:00 am by now.  We decided that climbing Mt. Major would be a good idea.

Up we went.  We took the left route which is more direct but a heck of a lot steeper.

But the view

With the day fading, but not over we decided to grab the motorcycles and take them out for a spin over the Moulton Farm

They have Cold Brew on tap!

Yes please!

On the way home, we made a quick pit stop.

It's just a little track for people far younger than us to goof off on, but I paid for two rounds and it was worth it.  The first time I had a car that just couldn't find it's limited top speed...  The second time I'm sure that I got the fastest car on the lot and left everyone in the dust.

It was a jam packed weekend and got to sneak a lot of fun things in while the kid was at camp.  Oh, don't worry about her, she was with horses the whole time living a little girl's dream.