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Well got the generator up and running with a little assistance from Paul - His mechanical abilities far out weigh mine.  I'd like to think I would have been able to get it there, and while that might be true, we got there a lot faster with his help.

That's what happens to a generator that sits and gets neglected for 6+ years.  Shoot, the parts are nearly impossible to find for this because I bought it probably 12 years ago.

8000 Watt generator - Troy Bilt.

To add insult to injury, the furnace igniter isn't actually igniting.  What a way to head into winter.

Furnace guy coming by this afternoon.  Need to scoot.

Crazy storm blew through last night.  Hurricane force winds basically.

From one of the local police reports:

police reported that while responding to a home on Horace Greeley Road shortly after midnight for a fallen tree, another tree blew down on top of one of its cruisers.


Luckily the cruiser was empty and the officer was standing 20 feet away.

All through the night I was actually worried about the condition my greenhouse was going to be in.  I remember ordering it and the reviews saying about how it blew over or down, etc.

I just assumed those people were idiots and went ahead and bought the greenhouse anyhow.

Got up this morning and to my pleasant surprise, the greenhouse had not moved.  I believe the key is that I don't have it just sitting on the ground as in the online photos.  I used 4x4 or 6x6 (I honestly don't remember) boards as the base and made the outline of the greenhouse, leveled everything and screwed those together.  Then I built the greenhouse on top of that.  It has never moved.

I still tarp it for the harsh winter up here as the snow slides nicely off of the tarp.

Still no power at my place yet, I haven't used my generator in so long it would take 30 minutes just to get it serviced to be up and running.  If nothing by this afternoon, I might get that project going.

Every year we press a little over 150 gallons of cider.  Lots of friends and family come to help out and in return they get to take their fill of cider away.  I order up 300 half gallon milk jugs and caps.

By filling up the jugs and leaving a little head space in them, they will freeze perfectly and fit perfectly in your freezer.

This will allow you to have plenty of fresh cider throughout the following year to enjoy.  Take one out, let it thaw in the fridge and enjoy.

For extra winter enjoyment, after it thaws, add to a crock pot and add mulling spices.

For extra extra enjoyment, add a dark spiced rum to the mixture.  You can thank me later for that suggestion.

Motored out to get the old girl.  Waited late into the season before taking it out.  Didn't get as much sailing as I would have liked this year - but was very busy doing other projects and outdoor activities, so it wasn't a total loss.

Eventually had to go out and get the mooring ball.  The club has a boat dubbed the "oil rig" for doing that.  Dirty, slow, but extremely functional.

Need to find a sprayer to clean the bottom of that mooring ball off.

Final Parting Shot: